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PLC Expansion Module Training | Adds to the 890-PECB

Model Name: PLC Expansion Module

Model Number: 89-MP

The PLC Expansion Module training system adds to the Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Workstation (890-PECB) to create a dual PLC learning system. The 89-MP is an ideal method of teaching applications such as remote I/O and Data Highway Networks, where multiple PLCs are required. With just one learning station, students can set up a multiple PLC network between the PLCs mounted on the 89-MP and the 890-PECB

The PLC Expansion Module Training is also a cost-effective way to support multi-brand or multi-model training. Two different PLCs can be mounted on the learning station at all times, so changeover between the two PLCs only requires the student to connect a new quick-connect cable set.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Supports multi-model training
  • Supports multi-brand training

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