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PanelView Operator Station System - DH485 for SLC500 - 89-PV-AB500-A

Learning Topics

  • PanelView Operation
  • PanelView Installation
  • PanelView Programming
  • PanelBuilder 32 Software
  • Communications Driver
  • Dynamic Objects
  • Static Objects
  • Message Display Objects
  • Numeric Output Objects
  • Screen Selector Objects
  • Multi-Point Networks
  • Single-Point Interface

The 89-PV-AB500-A PanelView Operator Station Learning System adds to the 890-PEC-B Troubleshooting Learning System to teach Human-to-Machine (HMI) interfaces using Allen-Bradley’s PanelView Operator Station and SLC500 model PLCs. HMI operator stations have become commonplace in modern industry because they eliminate wiring, enable operator functions to be modified in software, and provide the ability for the operator to monitor PLC operations data.

The model 89-DH-AB500-A is designed for SLC5/03 processors and includes two Data Highway Interface Modules, cable set, Allen Bradley SLC500 combination analog module, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s guide. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to operate, interface, and program PanelView operator terminals.

Key Features

  • Touch screen entry terminal
  • Teaches industrial-relevant skills
  • HMI operator station

Product Options

  • No product options

Additional Requirements

  • 890-PEC-B Troubleshooting Learning System and required application stations
  • 89-AB500 Fault Kit
  • 890-AB500 A-B SLC500 PLC model 02 or higher and RS Logix software - contact Amatrol for specific details of PLC and software requirements
  • PC with Windows XP or later
  • 89-DH-AB500 Data Highway Learning System

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