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Sorting and Distribution Station | Tabletop Mechatronics | 87-TMS3

Model Name: Distribution Station - Tabletop Mechatronics

Model Number: 87-TMS3

Learning Topics

  • Automation Operations
  • Introduction to PLCs
  • Basic PLC Programming
  • PLC Motor Control
  • PLC Counter and Timer Instructions
  • Sorting and Parts Storage
  • Sorting Module Operation
  • Parts Storage Operation
  • Flat Belt Conveyor Adjustment
  • Thru-Beam Photoelectric Adjustment
  • Sorting Module Sequencing
  • Multiple Station Operation

Amatrol’s Sorting and Distribution Station (87-TMS3) teaches about robot-based inventory systems, which provide orderly and logical storage of materials. It features a conveyor, three industrial sensors, sorting chutes, electric solenoid actuators, an AB1000 PLC, 10 inputs, 6 outputs, and much more!

This durable, affordable learning system provides a portable solution for situations where mechatronics training is needed in multiple locations or when training space is limited. The 87-TMS3 can be a stand-alone system that offers real-world skills for careers in this vital industrial area or it can be combined with the Inventory Feeding Station (87-TMS1) and the Inspection & Indexing Station (87-TMS2) to form a fully automated line on a tabletop!

Automation Curriculum to Build Real-World Skills

The Sorting and Distribution Station curriculum combines a depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge and real-world automation skills that’s unmatched in the industry. Key learning areas include: sorting module operation; parts storage operation; flat belt conveyor adjustment; sorting module sequencing; multiple station operation; and much more!

Key Features

  • Portable for Training in Multiple Settings
  • Affordable Solution for Mechatronics Training
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Components for Long Life
  • Dual Function: Operator Station and I/O Simulator for PLC Training
  • Safe 24 VDC Power

Product Options

Additional Requirements

  • Table Top Mechatronics Learning System - A-B Micro820 (870-PTAB82)
  • Electricity (100-240/50-60/1)
  • Compressed Air

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