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Stepper Motor Programming Package - Tabletop Mechatronics

Model Name: Stepper Motor Programming Package for Tabletop Mechatronics

Model Number: 45058

Amatrol’s Stepper Motor Programming Package (45058) for Tabletop Mechatronics features an in-line USB converter. This converter will be installed on the Tabletop Mechatronics Inspection Station (87-TMS2) and will provide the ability to program the Inspection Station’s stepper motor. Using the Programming Package will allow learners to change real-world stepper motor settings such as the acceleration or deceleration of the motor. In addition to the in-line USB converter, the Stepper Motor Programming Package includes a USB cable, stepper motor programming software CD, an installation guide, and a supplemental disc.

Key Features

  • Features an in-line USB converter
  • Expands the capability of 87-TMS2
  • Change basic stepper motor settings
  • Change acceleration and deceleration of the motor
  • Practice real-world applications

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