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Mobile Technology Workstation, White Surface, 8-foot

Model Name: Mobile Technology Workstation, White Surface, 8-foot

Model Number: 82-611W

The 8-foot (244-cm) Mobile Technology Workstation with white surface provides a heavy-duty, mobile workstation capable of supporting industrial quality lab equipment. The workstation is constructed of welded tube steel and a plastic laminate top. Heavy-duty, locking casters create a highly flexible resource to meet changing classroom needs.

This workstation is ideal for use with technology learning systems of various types including computer-based software, electrical and electronics, electrical motor control, pneumatics, programmable controllers, thermal systems, quality assurance, structural testing, materials technology, CNC machines, and more.

Key Features

  • Plastic Laminate Top
  • SI Dimensions: 76-cm H x 76-cm W x 244-cm L
  • Casters, (2) Locking
  • Welded Tube Steel Construction
  • Imperial Dimensions: 30-in H x 30-in W x 96-in L
  • Adjustable Height: +-0.5-in or 1.27 cm

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