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Pegasus Robotic Learning System Upgrade Package | Enhanced Features

Model Name: Pegasus Robotic Learning System Upgrade Package

Model Number: 13714

The Pegasus Robotic Learning System just got better with an upgrade! Increase your teaching power through Amatrol’s new state-of-the-art Pegasus Robotic Learning System Upgrade. The upgrade package includes a new controller, teach pendant, programming software, cables, learning materials and general robot maintenance. The new controller and teach pendant design add many new features, increase reliability and improve diagnostic ability.

Enhanced Features

New PC based programming software provides increased application flexibility, including Ethernet access, as well as full screen display for context sensitive screens. The new software includes an intuitive, streamlined user interface, ability to simultaneously display inputs, outputs, points, and the robot jog window. Group points can be copied to the next program and each program maintains its own points. The new programming software can be easily used with the simulation software.

Improved Diagnostics

The new technology used in the upgrade enabled a significant expansion of diagnostic abilities for the Pegasus. New software and enhanced LED indicators pinpoint problems quickly, making for extensive diagnostic ability.

Excellent Reliability

The new controller design minimizes possible points of failure. Overall, the number of components and cables has been reduced and the new solid state design can better withstand accidental misuse common to many classrooms. Fewer, easily field replaceable circuit boards make for easy, on-site repair if needed.

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