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Progressive Educational Systems, Inc.

Progressive Educational Systems started in 1992 as a supplier of small educational instructional resources. In the mid 2000’s it became apparent that renewable energy was going to be a significant contributor to education around the world. Solutions available at that time were very small and theory based. Progressive recognized that a more real world training solution would provide students with a greater understanding and appreciation for these new and important technologies. In 2007 Progressive designed, engineered and developed curriculum for the first real world component, wind and solar energy training system with online data acquisition. Since that time Progressive has become a significant contributor to renewable energy training in North America.

Commitment: Progressive’s commitment is to provide our customers with top quality training products and to support these with quality services that guarantee the effectiveness of your training program.”

Address: 50 Hanna Court, Belleville, Ontario K8P 5J2, Canada
Phone: 613.966.3332
Phone (Toll Free): 888.256.0715
Fax: 866.799.4123


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