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Bevill State CC introduces free CPT training program in Northern Alabama

To read the full article from The Daily Mountain Eagle, click here.

Bevill State Community College recently announced it will kick-off a new automotive curriculum aimed at developing skills in the manufacturing industry around northern Alabama.

Using Amatrol‘s world-class Learning Systems, including the state-of-the-art Skill Boss Production system, students will be able to receive Certified Production Technician (CPT) training through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) assessment system, preparing them for entry-level positions as production workers in manufacturing. Currently, Bevill State is one of only four colleges in the Northern Alabama-area offering CPT certification.

The state-funded, eight-week program is free to those who wish to participate, and will be available through the Jasper, Fayette and Hamilton campuses. The CPT program will be “mainly automotive-driven” and will involve online coursework, as well as one weekly class session. Registration as a Bevill State student is not required to take advantage of the workforce training.

Elizabeth Owings, an automotive workforce initiative coordinator for the CPT program, hopes Alabama residents will take advantage of the program while it’s free.

“That’s a huge component, because, otherwise, this program would be over $2,000 per student,” Owings said. “It would be very beneficial to take advantage of this now, because we don’t know that the grant money will always be there to pay for people to complete the training.”

The program is expected to officially get underway on Monday, Oct. 1. A second training session will also be held in January.

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