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Amatrol’s New Portable Motor Control & Portable Motor AC Drive Learning Systems


Amatrol proudly introduces four new additions to our offering of portable learning systems:

  • Portable Motor Control (990-MC1)
  • Portable Motor Control Troubleshooting (990-MC1F)
  • Portable Motor AC Drive (990-DRV1)
  • Portable Motor AC Drive Troubleshooting (990-DRV1F)

These mobile learning systems provide a cost-effective solution for when motor control and motor drive education is needed in multiple locations, yet still feature real-world industrial components that learners can use to gain hands-on experience and skill-building. For example the Motor Control systems features a 3-phase AC squirrel cage motor, 3-phase AC for power, and 24 VDC for control and the Motor AC Drive systems include a Rockwell PowerFlex 4 variable frequency AC drive, 3-phase AC motor, digital tachometer, and digital voltmeter.

Build Troubleshooting Skills on a Mobile System!

The 990-DRV1F and 990-MC1F feature Amatrol’s FaultPro, the industry’s premier electronic fault insertion system for teaching troubleshooting skills. FaultPro allows instructors to insert faults into the system as learners progress through industrial troubleshooting methods or it can be set to randomly select and insert faults to strengthen a learner’s troubleshooting abilities and prepare them for real-world technical problems. The 990-DRV1F includes more than 20 electronic faults and the 990-MC1F features more than 30!

World-Class Interactive Curriculum

The curriculum for these learning systems is in a highly interactive multimedia format that combines text, audio, stunning graphics, and 3D animations to fully engage learners in the education process. Topics include motor control and motor drive installation, operation, applications, performance analysis, and much more!

Portable Systems that Stand Up to Frequent Use

These portable learning systems are built to withstand frequent transportation and learner use. Set within a durable ABS plastic case, these systems feature wheels and a handle so that they can be taken nearly anywhere and used with minimal set-up time.

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