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Amatrol Receives LIFT Insight Award


On May 26, 2021, LIFT, the Department of Defense-supported manufacturing innovation institute, announced the inaugural LIFT Insight Awards to recognize member contributions to the institute and its ecosystem over the past year in Technology Development, Talent Development, Service Providing, Government Stakeholder and to contribution to LIFT overall.

“We are blessed with an amazing group of members who are committed to LIFT and our mission of Driving American Manufacturing Into the Future Through Technology and Talent Development and these awards highlight but a few of the individuals who have helped set us on the path to achieve that goal,” said Nigel Francis, CEO & Executive Director, LIFT. “It is an understatement to say the past year has been challenging, but what cannot be overstated is how critical these members – and all of our members – have been to LIFT, allowing us to keep moving forward despite of the difficulties we all faced.”

Amatrol President Paul Perkins is honored to receive the inaugural LIFT Brilliance Award, which is awarded to the member who has made a significant impact on the LIFT – Learning Innovations For Tomorrow talent program.

Amatrol has been a long time partner of LIFT and has helped develop and deploy key talent initiatives including Operation Next, LIFT’s IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing curriculum, as well as equipping the LIFT Learning Lab with hands-on and virtual learning modules for students.

About Amatrol

Amatrol creates innovative, interactive technical learning solutions for industry and education to equip technicians and operators with the skills they need to adapt and thrive in a rapidly-changing workplace. Our passion has led us to the forefront of the Technical Education market in both hands-on, skill-building educational labs and highly-detailed and expansive curriculum. Our technical learning systems are utilized by many types of organizations, including community colleges, industry training centers, high schools, universities, apprenticeship training centers, and vocational training and education centers. Visit to learn more or find us on social media.

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