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Amatrol Mechatronics Training Video

Amatrol’s Mechatronics Training Video

Amatrol’s mechatronics training video showcases Amatrol’s Mechatronics Learning System, which recreates an industrial environment to teach learners real-world tasks to develop job-ready skills. Fully supported by Amatrol’s self-paced, interactive multimedia curriculum, this mechatronics training system incorporates mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems all under PLC control to assemble an industrial pneumatic valve. No other mechatronics system boasts this range of technologies or comprehensive curriculum!

The Mechatronics Learning System is compact, enabling it to fit into almost any teaching facility. Whether using one station or many, Amatrol’s Mechatronics Learning System is the ultimate team project! This learning system teaches learners how to manufacture industrial quality working directional control valves. They develop skills needed to enable processes to work together such as making precision physical adjustments. Modern industry leverages technology so that one set of equipment can make many products. Amatrol’s 870 Mechatronics System brings industrial realism to the classroom by allowing learners to program it to assemble a minimum of four different variations of the valve.

For more videos like this one, check out Amatrol’s YouTube Channel!

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