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Amatrol Learning Systems Showcased on PBS “News Hour”

Amatrol is happy that its learning systems have been featured, as part of American Graduate Day 2015, in the PBS “News Hour” story, “Seeing need, Cleveland program trains steelworkers of tomorrow.” This prescient video, hosted by special correspondent Amy Hansen, focuses on an outstanding school-to-work Steelworker for the Future program in Cleveland, and showcases Cuyahoga Community College student, Keithen Kitchen, training on Amatrol systems. We are pleased to have our high quality systems utilized in one of the growing number of educational/skills programs created by community colleges and businesses working closely together. The Cuyahoga program incorporates scholastic and hands-on learning alongside on-the-job training. ArcelorMittal, which operates the largest steel mill in the Cleveland area, reached out to Cuyahoga to help train the next generation of skilled workers.

Programs like the one created by Cuyahoga and ArcelorMittal can help alleviate a nationwide problem facing industry and manufacturing: finding enough skilled workers to keep pace with industry growth, particularly as the current workforce ages. The general age for hard-to-fill skilled jobs like machinists, welders and industrial maintenance is in the 50s. If all recent science, technology, engineering and math grads were put to work, only a minimal portion of the available jobs in the country’s leading manufacturing states would be filled.

Job postings for highly skilled workers have increased as much as 60% in some regions of America. People are retiring at increasing rates, and entry-level workers in industry and manufacturing typically make as much as $18 or $24 an hour, or more. And with programs like Cleveland’s Steelworker for the Future program, smart and driven workers like Keihen Kitchen can train to become electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, welders and more.

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