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Amatrol Expands In Jeffersonville, IN

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN – Amatrol is pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of completing its new building expansion, which increases manufacturing , development and training capacity to better serve the education and training community. This expansion represents a $2.2 million investment that adds 40,200 square feet for a total of 122,000 square feet, new machinery and LED (energy efficient) lighting. In addition to the capital investment, it is anticipated that the expansion will result in 30 new jobs over five years.

This expansion incorporates lean manufacturing initiatives and state-of-the-art machinery to provide more efficient product flow, resulting in shorter delivery times and flexibility to adapt to ever-changing client needs. The expanded space also includes facilities for additional research and development capacity and client training and demonstration capacity.

The company has received early accolades from government officials, and clients, both domestic and international, for the professional look and for the clean, efficient feel of its new space. So plan on visiting Amatrol to tour the new expansion and see demonstrations of its top-of-the-line educational systems. Amatrol’s investment indicates a commitment to the area and a promise to continue creating products that enhance people’s lives.

“We’ve had significant growth in sales overseas and more specifically for ‘green’ energy products and mechatronics,” said Paul Perkins, president of Amatrol. “Many of our international clients have encouraged us to work with their colleagues in economic development to provide an in-country solution. However, Southern Indiana and, more specifically, the city of Jeffersonville is our home. We’d prefer to expend the capital and add jobs locally.”

Amatrol is located at 2400 Centennial Blvd., in the Northport Business Centre. The company makes skill-based educational training systems for high schools, colleges, and industrial training centers, located worldwide, to prepare individuals for a successful career in a rapidly changing workplace.

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