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Amatrol and MSSC Labor Day Gift to the Nation

Facing ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing workforce nationwide, Amatrol and MSSC partner up to release ‘CPT+ Skill Boss Manufacturing’, a new hands-on training and certification program

JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA – Thanks to a partnership between two industry leaders, who believe in a hands-on approach to tackling a nationwide ‘skills gap’, the manufacturing workforce may soon see a boom in both size and skill level.

Amatrol, Inc. and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) have teamed up to release a complete, hands-on CPT+ Skill Boss Manufacturing Training and Certification program, which will be introduced on Wednesday, Sept. 5. Built upon MSSC’s well-established Certified Production Technician (CPT), this new program is designed to increase the size, skills and productivity of the nation’s frontline manufacturing workforce.

The crown jewel of this new program is a transformational training device called the “Skill Boss Manufacturing”. Invented by Amatrol, the Skill Boss Manufacturing is a computer-controlled machine that performs a wide variety of functions aligned with the 55+ skills drawn from the MSSC’s National Production Standards. The Skill Boss Manufacturing is portable, compact and classroom-friendly, fitting comfortably on a standard 3’ x 6’ table.

Paul Perkins, President of Amatrol, views the machine as a missing link between students and the career path they choose: “Colorful and multifaceted, Skill Boss Manufacturing will be more fun than a robot for many students, and will encourage them to enter a career pathway in advanced manufacturing.”

In addition to its flexible design, the machine enables MSSC to offer hands-on training and assessment as an enhancement to its signature CPT training and certification system. Thanks to an interactive multimedia curriculum for each program, the Skill Boss Manufacturing allows users from any background to build foundational workplace skills for advanced manufacturing careers, which are necessary to be immediately productive on the job.

Leo Reddy, Chair of MSSC, is encouraged by potentially new learners being exposed to manufacturing. “Cost-effective, Skill Boss Manufacturing will enable many more schools who cannot afford a costly lab or tech center, to offer hands-on CPT training and testing. This includes most high schools, including those in rural or urban areas.”

Amatrol, Inc. is the leading U.S. manufacturer of technical education equipment, and is a leading provider of world-class, computer simulation-based, interactive, multimedia eLearning. It has operations in all 50 states and in 45 countries abroad.

An industry-led non-profit, MSSC is the leading provider of training and certification programs in the U.S. for frontline work in manufacturing and logistics. It delivers its services through a network of 2200 MSSC-trained instructors and 1400+ assessment centers, mostly at high schools and community colleges, in 49 states.

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