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Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

While Amatrol products are quality-built systems, there will come a time, possibly decades from now, when you will need to dispose of fluids, components, or possibly retire entire systems from operation as they reach their end-of-life cycle. It is essential to properly dispose of these elements in such a manner as to protect the environment and prevent any negative effects on human health. We strongly recommend reaching out to your local/state/federal authorities for the most up-to-date procedures.

Some of the items contained in Amatrol products that require proper disposal include: hydraulic fluid, batteries, refrigerant, dyes, fluorescent lights, & e-waste. E-waste refers to electrical and electronic components.

Every situation is different, but in general, there are seven basic steps recommended to ensure you are properly prepared to handle these products before they reach their end-of-life.

  • Evaluate your waste
  • Train personnel to understand your waste management laws
  • Plan for emergencies such as spills
  • Store & label your waste in accordance with applicable laws
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Keep records

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for chemical products supplied by Amatrol can be requested. These sheets may contain disposal considerations, but this is a non-mandatory section.

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