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History of Amatrol

History of Amatrol

Amatrol has a rich history beginning in 1964, when Don and Roberta Perkins founded its original parent company, Dynafluid, Inc. Dynafluid was an industrial automation systems manufacturer that designed systems for many Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, General Electric, Alcoa, Ford, Chrysler, and others. Amatrol was created as the educational division of Dynafluid to provide training to industrial clients for new technologies like those being implemented in Dynafluid’s systems. Dynafluid was in a unique position to effectively develop training programs for these technologies because its engineers and technicians were thoroughly familiar with the design, application and maintenance of them.

Amatrol, short for Automated Machine Controls, was founded in 1978 as a division and was formally incorporated as a separate company in 1981. Since that time Amatrol has grown significantly, becoming the leading company in its primary market segments.

Notable Achievements

  • 1981 | Educational division of Dynafluid is founded and incorporated as Amatrol.
  • 1983 | Amatrol is selected by the Oklahoma State Department as a strategic partner in development of maintenance training systems for technical schools throughout the state of Oklahoma.
  • 1986 | Amatrol designs the first Computer Integrated Manufacturing Line for an educational facility.
  • 1989 | Amatrol’s president is selected by INC Magazine for Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • 1989 | Amatrol develops the first computer-based troubleshooting system for programmable controllers under contract by Control Data Corporation.
  • 1989 | Amatrol President Don Perkins in named the High Technology Entrepreneur of the Year for Kentucky and Southern Indiana by the Institute of American Entrepreneurs
  • 1990 | Amatrol purchases Technovate, the oldest U.S. manufacturer of engineering laboratory apparatus.
  • 1994 | Amatrol introduces Integrated Systems Technology Program, the first turnkey high school pre-engineering technology program that could articulate to college programs. Years later, the program is highlighted by President George W. Bush’s administration as a key for instilling the workforce skills needed in the 21st century.
  • 1995 | Amatrol receives the Department of Commerce PACE “Recognition of Excellence” award.
  • 1996 | Amatrol is named the strategic implementation partner for manufacturing technology curriculum by the National Center of Manufacturing Sciences.
  • 1997 | Amatrol is named by Caterpillar as its sole strategic partner for the development of Caterpillar’s entire curriculum for electrical and mechanical maintenance training.
  • 2000 | The International Technology Education Association awards Amatrol its Outstanding Achievement To Secondary Education Award.
  • 2000 | The Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce names Amatrol the outstanding company for year 2000 for companies in Indiana with over 50 employees.
  • 2001 | Amatrol is awarded the Silver Eagle award by the American Technical Education Association for outstanding contributions to the post-secondary education.
  • 2004 | Amatrol relocates to their new 80,000 sq ft. headquarters in the North Port Business Centre, Jeffersonville, Indiana.
  • 2005 | Amatrol hosts the first annual Engineering Robotics Summer Camp for rising high school freshman in Southern Indiana.
  • 2006 | The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) selects Amatrol as their on-line learning supplier to support the production technician certification.
  • 2006 | New virtual trainer that allows real hands-on skills via the computer is introduced along with virtual project-based technology lab.
  • 2008 | Amatrol hosts Siemens Certification Seminar.
  • 2008 | Amatrol is chosen by Caterpillar Inc. as development partner for technical skills training.
  • 2009 | National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) endorses Amatrol CNC Machine Operator program as recommended preparation for the NIMS CNC Operator Certifications.
  • 2010 | Amatrol receives the award of being an Indiana Company to Watch
  • 2010 | Amatrol named Indiana Small Business of the Year
  • 2010 | Amatrol named Business First Small Business of the Year
  • 2010 | Amatrol acquires Oxygen Education to expand its eLearning offerings
  • 2011 | Amatrol chosen for first totally online 2-year manufacturing and mechatronics degree
  • 2013 | Walla Walla Community College wins The Aspen Prize, cites Amatrol as “paramount equipment.” (article)
  • 2014 | Amatrol selected for President’s “E” Award for Export Excellence (article)
  • 2014 | President Barack Obama commends CCAC’s job-driven training, which utilizes Amatrol equipment and curriculum (article)
  • 2015 | Amatrol learning systems showcased on PBS “News Hour” (article)
  • 2015 | Amatrol expands headquarters In Jeffersonville (article)
  • 2016 | Amatrol and GE Appliances support new lab for Bullitt County students to address manufacturing workforce crisis (article)
  • 2016 | NIMS endorses Amatrol’s multimedia curricula for ITM Certification (article)
  • 2016 | Paul Perkins, Amatrol’s CEO and President, receives NIMS Partner Excellence Award

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