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Four Ways eAssessment Can Work for You

Employee training is essential, but let’s face it, every minute that a current or new employee sits in training, the work that you’ve hired them to do piles up.  The best way to minimize the pain is to eliminate unneeded training and one way to accomplish this is through eAssessments.

Here are four ways eAssessment can work for your training programs.

Allow Individualized Training

Many companies set up training classes in areas such as basic electricity, mechanical systems, instrumentation, etc., and require employees to attend without regard for existing knowledge or previous experience.  This is not only a waste of time, but frustrates employees that already have those skills. By giving eAssessments first, employers can identify current employee skills and only require them to take specific portions of the training.  Since every individual will have different skill sets, assigning self-paced eLearning modules, based on their specific needs, is a great way to bring them up to speed and get them back on the job quickly.  For example, if an employee’s eAssessment identifies that they have sufficient knowledge of AC electricity but lack required DC electricity knowledge, hours of training time can be saved by only assigning those eLearning modules.

Leverage Expert Knowledge

eAssessments are created by a team of experts to assess an individual’s current skill set across a range of technologies. These experts not only have technical knowledge, but also skills in curriculum design, which allows them to create a comprehensive, compact, assessment. Leveraging the work done by these experts is a great way to get your training program on the fast track to better results.  When evaluating eAssessments, do not be afraid to ask about the development process. Ask the provider how the assessment was created as well as request to take an eAssessment so that you can truly evaluate its usefulness in regards to your needs.

Verify Training Results

Using eAssessments prior to training allows you to chart employees progress as they complete their training. If someone scores low on eAssessment prior to taking a training course but shows satisfactory improvement after completing the assigned modules and retaking the eAssessment, you have validation that your training plan was successful. This is also useful to provide proof that the company’s training expenditure is generating positive results.

Provides Instant Results

Your time is valuable. Why waste time grading papers, trying to decipher handwritten answers, and recording the results when a eAssessment does this automatically and generates a report the instant someone completes their eAssessment? Time saved can be used to get additional employees through the training and back on the production floor.

While there are many more advantages to using eAssessments, these are at the top of the list when it comes to helping with employee training.

 Posted by Kenny Colston | June 20, 2018 | Amatrol, Inc.

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