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The Indiana Manufacturers Association and Ivy Tech Corporate College have teamed up to help members

It's an acknowledged fact that the existing significant technical skills gap has a very negative impact on manufacturers. Have you ever considered what the skill gap in your company costs you now and will cost you in the future? The real question is how to efficiently identify those skill gaps now and then provide a cost-effective solution to closing those gaps.

The Manufacturers Skills Academy is a partnership purposed with providing you with innovative cost-effective solutions to closing your technical skills gap.

WHY Identify Your Skills Gaps:

  • To Clearly Quantify Individual Worker Skill Capability
  • For Workforce Planning: Knowing exactly where your workforce talent exists NOW by individual, by work shift, plant location, etc...
  • For Continuous Workforce Improvement: Knowing Where Challenges Exist and developing and actionable plan for a solution

HOW does the Manufacturers Skills Academy help identify a company's skill gaps?

  • Providing you access to ON-LINE skill assessment (Amatrol eAssessment) in 165 specific technical areas. Each assessment takes about 45 minutes
  • Providing access for these skills assessments of the worker at work or at home

HOW does the Manufacturers Skills Academy bridge the skills gap?

  • Once your worker takes the brief on-line assessment a report is produced for you clearly identifying the workers skill strengths and areas needing improvement
  • A Customized Training Plan is created and available to you for each worker being assessed.
  • The Worker/student is then provided the opportunity to take individual technical training modules completely ON-Line (Amatrol eLearning). Each module averages 2-3 hours of leading edge content.
  • You have full access to monitor levels of worker participation in their training plan.

WHY use the innovative solutions offered through the Manufacturers Skills Academy?

  • Identify Workforce Skill/Knowledge Gaps
  • Provide efficient cost effective online training to close skill gaps
  • Reduce Training Time
  • Improve Worker Technical Skill Knowledge
  • Minimize downtime
  • Targeted Training to save time & money
  • Less time away from job
  • Training can be accelerated
  • Based on individual needs
  • Reduce Downtime and Rework
  • Ensure you have the right employees available to support production
  • Develop skills needed in production to deliver quality, timely products

Two new innovative and cost-effective online resources:

eAssessment - Identify Employee Skill Gaps; Match Gaps to Specific Training

eAssessment from Jeffersonville-based Amatrol/Oxygen Education revolutionizes technical assessment and training. It dramatically improves training effectiveness while reducing invested time and cost.

Why Use This eAssessment?

  • In-depth assessment - questions developed with industry partners for real work application
  • Prescriptive - directs your employee to specifically what they need to known
  • Provides training needs and trends in departments, plants, shifts, etc.
  • Simple, easy to use with powerful reporting

eLearning Courses Follow Directly from the Assessment!

Amatrol's eLearning program meets the challenge for flexible technical training by offering superb technical content depth as well as breadth, strong interactivity for skill development, and excellent assessment and student tracking through an intuitive, easy-to-use web portal. With 24×7 access, Amatrol's eLearning program creates easy access to educational opportunities for technical skill development previously restricted to the classroom.

The material is self-paced, making it ideal for individual use, traditional class settings, or a blended approach. Amatrol's proven curriculum is problem-solving oriented and teaches technical skills in a wide range of industrially-relevant technologies.

Amatrol integrates troubleshooting concepts throughout the eLearning modules. Problem solving within each topical area starts with the basics and then gradually builds to incorporate the complexity found in real world situations. Students can practice sophisticated troubleshooting techniques with confidence that they can translate it to the workplace.

Improve Worker Technical Skill Knowledge


eAssessment - 1 Year
per employee
Access to all 165 eAssessments
eLearning - 1 Year
per employee
Access to all 1,090 eLearning modules
eLearning - 6 Months
per employee
Access to all 1,090 eLearning modules

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